Does this sound like you?

  • You are sick and tired of feeling not good enough

  • You are a people pleaser and have difficulties setting boundaries

  • You want to smile with confidence everytime you look yourself in the mirror

  • You want to build loving relationships with yourself and others

What if things could be different?

  • Imagine how you would feel, if you could see yourself through the loving eyes of the people in your life who already love you deeply.

  • If you could treat yourself with loving care and respect and start building strong relationships?

  • How amazing would it be if you could look in the mirror and feel that you are good enough?

  • To find self-love and be gentle and happy with yourself no matter what you do? If setting boundaries was as natural as breathing?

  • What if the powerful feeling of self-confidence was running through you all day long and not only brings you joy, but also an immense strength to deal with the everyday challenges you might face?

Here’s what you get, when you buy the course:

  • 30 instructional videos with 30 psychological techniques presented as easy exercises to help you boost your self-worth

  • A workbook created especially for you, so you can journal your progress during the course and document your success

  • Support – for the duration of the course you get access to a private group where you receive encouragement and support from me as a therapist and from the members.

In just 30 days, you can challenge yourself with these 10 minute daily tasks to feel better, grow personally and professionally, and boost your self-worth!