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My name is Elitsa and I am a certified psychotherapist.
I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark and my working languages are both English and Danish.

I offer individual therapy, group therapy and online courses. I also do online therapy sessions.

If you want to get to know me, the way I work and my values better, you can listen to my podcast, drop me a line or book a free 15 mins consultation.

How can I Help

Therapy Sessions

The therapy session is a meeting between you and me in a pleasant and safe environment in my therapy clinic at Vesterbro. It is you that is in the center and we talk about the things that concern or bother you. The therapy sessions are based on your current “here and now situation”.

Online Sessions

During the global pandemic, online therapy sessions became very popular. I am offering online therapy through ZOOM. Online therapy is a flexible solution if you live abroad or are travelling but still need therapy sessions.

B.E.D. Treatment

BED or Compulsive Overeating is the most common eating disorder in Denmak. About 50,000 Danes suffer from overeating followed by guilt and shame. Therefore, I offer both an individual 10 weeks treatment and group therapy sessions, where we can start your journey back to a healthier life.

Couples Therapy

You have the possibility to invite your partner in the room in order to strengthen your relationship. You can also together look at some issues that you both wish to solve. Both parts have the possibility to express themselves, while I facilitate the conversation using my psychotherapeutic toolbox.

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