B.E.D. or

Compulsive over eating is the most common eating disorder in Denmark

Unfortunately, not many places offer treatment and where they do, the waiting lists are too long.
I offer a 10-week customised personal treatment to help you start your journey back to a healthier life.


The treatment is structured around weekly conversations. Every other week the meetings are therapy sessions and the rest are coaching sessions/ follow-up sessions.

You should be aware that while you are undergoing BED treatment, we are not talking about weight loss, but we focus on the treatment itself in stead.

If you want a weight loss course, you can take a look at some of my other offers.

You are always welcome to contact me and have a free 15 mins consultation.



Group therapy can be as useful as individual therapy though in a completely different way. Group dynamics can be an important and healing part of one’s course of therapy.

In my BED group sessions, my clients help and support each other.
I facilitate and take responsibility for the course and there are both individual therapy and group discussions. The groups are small and consist of 5-7 people.

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As a participant in the BED Group course, you get:

Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels